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Facial Recognition Based Attendance System

Our facial recognition-based attendance system revolutionizes traditional attendance management processes. By leveraging state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, employees can mark their attendance effortlessly and accurately,This system helps to enhance security, streamline attendance management, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Elephant Monitoring Unit

The Elephant Monitoring Unit is a groundbreaking project initiated for the Forest Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh dedicated to tracking the movements of elephants to ensure their safety and minimize human-wildlife conflict.By deploying trained personnel to track elephant movements, we aim to provide timely warnings to communities, thereby reducing the risk of encounters and promoting coexistence between humans and elephants.

Billbo: Smart Screens

In the Billbo project, we revolutionize small business merchandising by introducing smart screens to replace traditional displays. These innovative screens are not only more efficient but also visually captivating, instantly grabbing attention and leaving a lasting impression on viewers. By strategically placing these screens at small outlets, we aim to enhance productivity and elevate the overall customer experience, thereby helping businesses thrive in today's competitive market landscape.

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